Our Sunbeds

We have both lie down and stand and tan.



Collatan Maxi twist

We have a stand & tan and lie down bed fitted with Collatan tubes.

The collatan tubes have more than just the benefits of a luxurious tan. 

The Tubes give a pink glow.

The Tubes produce 4 wavelenghts.


1. UVA direct for an intensive and attractive tan

2. UVB for the production of Melanin & Vitamin D

3. Blue Light therapy for pure, blemish-free skin

4. Red Light (Collagen) Light therapy to reach a revitalizing a

soothing effect for your skin.


The Collatan lamps can help reduce fine lines, rejuvinate the skin, stimulate natural collagen, help towards blemish free skin and prevent hair loss. 


I-brite maxi twist


The I-brite tubes are the latest in the twist family.

They give a deep luxurious tan as well as having many benefits.

They give an ice white glow when being used. 

It Helps to promote vitiman D, moisturises the skin, creates well being and rejuvinates and smooths your skin.



Stand & Tan 


3  mins   £3.00

6  mins   £4.50

9  mins   £5.50

12 mins   £6.50

1hr         £30.00


Lie Down


6   mins  £5.00

9   mins  £6.50

12  mins  £8.50

15  mins  £9.50

1hr          £36.00


No time limit on your blocks

you will never lose the minutes you have paid for. 







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